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Rivera Fifty Five Twelve 90`s


Käsityötä Riveran pajasta Kaliforniasta

Todella monipuolinen combo

Footswich -FS7
EL34 Power Section and 12AX7 Preamp All-Tube Circuitry
High and Low Gain Inputs
Clean and Overdrive Channels
55 Watts

Channel 1:
Push/Pull Volume Control for Channel Select
Bass, Middle,Treble
Push/Pull Master Volume Boost
Channel 2:
Volume Control
Push/Pull Treble Control for Bright
Push/Pull Middle Control for Notch/Scooped Sounds (BF or Tweed)
Bass Control
Push/Pull Master for ”Ninja” (High Gain)

Extension Speaker Jack
Effects Loop

Teho:50 W
Kaiutinelementit:1x12" Celestion G12T
Sisäänrakennetut efektit:Reverb, boost, boost ja ninja boost