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Cornell Plexi 45/50


Englannissa käsintehty nykyklassikko

Cornell Plexi 45/50 head in excellent / near-mint condition.

Denis Cornell is one of the most respected amp builders in the world. It’s meticulously hand-wired throughout using the best components and construction methods.

It’s based on the JTM 45 and 50 circuits of the 1960s, identifying the best elements and refining the design.

The result is an amp that gives you the tone you hope for from a Plexi-style amp but often don’t get with a couple of additional features.

The Plexi 45/50 allows you to switch between valve (45) and solid state (50) rectification which alters the dynamics of the output stage. There is also a switch to reduce output power to 15W.

I was told that Gary Moore tried this head when it was on display which prompted him to use both a 45/50 and 18/20 on his New, Old Ballads and Blues album.

Valmistaja: Cornell
Teho: 45/50 W