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Takamine GLN12E-NS Nex Body


Takamine GLN12E-NS – teräskielinen elektroakustinen

Takamine NEX-model with spruce top is a guitar with a slightly smaller body and waist, still with a big tone througout the range.

  • NEX-mallin runko
  • Kuusikansi, sivut ja takakansi mahonkia
  • 24.8″ skaalan pituus
  • TP-3G etuvahvistin virittimellä and 3-kaistaisella taajuuskorjaimella
Takamine Global Line

All models in Takamine’s Global Line got a slighty shorter scale (distance between nut and bridge saddle) this reduces the string tension and the instrument is easier to play. All GL-Models are equipped with a pickup and TP-3G preamp which includes a tuner as well as a 3-band EQ. The Global Line offers two different body shapes NEX & Dreadnought. NEX has a small body with a narrow waist which gives an instrument that despite the small size is loud and gives a broad tone all thru the range. The dreadnought-design has roots already back in the late 19th century and is what many would consider to be THE traditional body shape for steel stringed acoustic guitars.  It is loud and delivers more tone in the bass- and lower midrange. Global Line offers two different tonewoods for the top, spruce or mahogany. The spruce gives a direct tone with a lot of focus on the high’s and the low’s while the character of the mahogany is a bit softer as it has a wider midrange.

Valmistaja: Takamine
Vuosimalli: UUSI
Runkomateriaali: Kuusikansi, mahonkisivut ja -takakansi
Valmistusmaa: Indonesia