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Gibson ES-335TD 1974


Stunning, original classic guitar W/short center block

Survivor -non crackeling lacquer, only some stress hairlines on tightest corners

Awesome original pickups: Pat.No T-Top, original solderings in elctronics

New medium jumbo fret near full height, polished -no wear on fretboard

Bone nut replaced, while re-fretted

Newer tuners replaced in original screw holes, original double ring tuners included

Narrow (1. fret width 40mm/ 12. fret width 50mm) three-piece mahogany neck, wxcellent playability -one of the best 335!

Gibson case from early 90`s


Manufacturer: Gibson
Model year: 1974
Body material: Maple
Neck material: Mahogany
Fretboard material: Rosewood
Frets, life left: 98%
Pickups: Original. T-Top
Made in: USA
Case/gigbag: 90`s Gibson laukku
Weight: 3,380 kg