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Fender Telecaster Relic Bigsby TVJ Gold Top Custom Shop 2014 -HOLD


Awesome Gold Top Tele W/TV Jones pickups and Bigsby tremolo

Okume/Gabon mahogany body

Quarter sawn neck, ebony fretboard

60`s oval C neck profile, fretboard radius 9½”

Tuners replaced to Fender locking

COA and Shop Floor Traveler


Manufacturer: Fender
Model year: 2014
Body material: Mahogany
Neck material: Maple
Fretboard material: Ebony
Frets, life left: 98%, original frets
Pickups: Original. TV Jones Classic
Made in: USA
Case/gigbag: Alkuperäinen kova laukku, COA
Weight: 3,810 kg