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Fender Stratocaster 1970 Natural


Nice, very resonant Hendrix era Stratocaster

Original 4 bolt neck and 60`s trim bridge

First CBS era “60`s C”  neck profile

Electronics are original except few wires, 5 pos. pickup switch, extra ground foil added “on the dark side” of the pickguard

Original potentiometers date weeks 02-17/1970:

Original Sunburst paint removed, some Fullerplast`s still there, lots of nicks & dents

While refret in 2002, seldom played, just polished and ready to go

Original, excellent condition case W/Fender emblem

Manufacturer: Fender
Model year: 1970
Body material: Alder
Neck material: Maple
Fretboard material: Rosewood
Frets, life left: 98%
Pickups: Original. Alkuperäiset
Made in: USA
Case/gigbag: Alkuperäinen kova laukku
Weight: 3,570 kg