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Gibson SG Kirk Douglas Signature 2020


New condition guitar W/whole sales package!

Awesome “Captain” and most versatile SG:

“On a basic level, pickups operate somewhat similarly to a two-pickup SG, but with significant added capabilities. The three-way toggle switch selects the bridge pickup, neck pickup, or both. Each of these pickups has its own volume control, and each is equipped with a push/pull pot that switches the pickup from humbucker to single coil when the switch is pulled out.
A single master tone knob, located in the usual lead tone control position, is provided, and where you’d normally expect to find the second tone control, an additional volume control (again, with a push/pull switch for coil tapping) is installed. This controls the middle pickup, and can be used to blend its signal in with the other (one or two) pickups, regardless of how the three-way pickup selector switch is positioned. This means you can run the neck and/or bridge pickups alone or together, the neck and middle, bridge and middle, or all three pickups simultaneously, and at any relative volume amounts desired. And even better – once you have dialed up the exact balance you want, you can adjust the overall output level of the entire guitar with the pickguard-mounted master volume control.”

(Quote from Gibson® product infotainment)

Model year: 2020
Body material: Mahogany
Neck material: Mahogany
Frets, life left: 100%, original frets
Pickups: Original. Burstbucker #1, #2, #3
Made in: USA
Case/gigbag: OHSC, COA, paperwork -ALL OF THEM
Weight: 3,6 kg