Hagström Impala “Bi-Sonic” early 60`s

early 60`s
1 690 € (C)

Restored/refinished rarity -possible proto type model?!

Excellent playing condition

Hagström “Bi-Sonic” -pickups; as seen seen in some 60`s Guild bass, also -guitar version, here

Individual volume potentiometer for both pickups and push buttons for different PU and tone setups

High E string`s tuner button replaced

Fretboard made of synthetic resin, like renowned Hagström “De Luxe” guitars

“Tremar” vibrato

***If you ever find similar, please, let us know, thank you!***

Frets, life left: 50%, original frets
Pickups: Original. "Bi-Sonic"
Made in: Ruotsi
Case/gigbag: gigbag
Weight: 3,7 kg