Burns Flyte ca.1974

1 690 €

Excellent condition moon rocket W/HOT pickups!

Glam Rock guitar for a player with glittering high heels: https://wesleyguitars.co.uk/2014/01/27/1975-jim-burns-uk-flyte-natural-mahogany-electric-guitar/

Rare bird!: Burns Flyte ca.1974 -as seen on a book “Pearls and Crazy Diamonds, Fifty Years of Burns Guitars 1952-2002″ by Per Gjörde

Body material: Alder
Neck material: Maple
Fretboard material: Ebony
Frets, life left: 50%, original frets
Pickups: Original. Burns Humbuster mach one
Made in: Englanti
Case/gigbag: HSC
Weight: 3,5 kg